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July 23 2017

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March 14 2017

Weird-Century Modern

Mid-Century graphic design is known for many things—its clarity, simplicity, geometry and also a few tropes. These include photography printed in primary colors, collage and montage, and curious juxtaposition of images. This is what I would call Weird Mid-Century Modern. The designer is not known, although he or she was French. The advertisement is for Le Laboratoire de Controle Physiologiue, and it was designed in the 1950s. It follows the tradition of pharma ads of the era, artful yet scientific, a marriage of real and surreal—odd yet grisly. Someone had a strange sense of humor, that’s for certain.








The 2017 PRINT RDA: Enter Now

Enter the most respected competition in graphic design—now open to both pros and students—for a chance to have your work published, win a pass to HOW Design Live, and more. 2017 Judges: Aaron Draplin / Jessica Hische / Pum Lefebure / Ellen LuptonEddie OparaPaula Scher. Student work judges: PRINT editorial & creative director Debbie Millman and PRINT editor-in-chief Zachary Petit.

Draplin image: Leah Nash. Hische: Helena Price. Lupton: Michelle Qureshi. Scher: Ian Roberts.

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A drawing for my friend Tomy instagram | tumblr
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“The Movie Mystique” Alex Dos Diaz www.alexdosdiaz.com
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Design deals for the week
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“Purge” Alex Dos Diaz www.alexdosdiaz.com
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First new art of 2017…please be gentle. Redbubble  |  TeePublic...
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I’m deleting

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Portrait of Cate le Bon, by Katharina Sieg 
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Tiny dirty stray kitten hanging out at the bottom of our stairs since yesterday. There are a lot of self-reliant ferals around our apartment, but this little thing was dirty & covered in burrs. We gave it some chicken but couldn’t catch it. I think it may have wandered over from the outdoor cat hoarder colony down the street; that house is awful & we saw kittens there last week.

This morning the downstairs neighbor managed to grab it for us, and I put it on this cozy towel & started combing and picking the burrs & sticks out of its fur. It calmed down immediately and has been chilling here with me in the kitchen ever since. Got a vet appointment in an hour to get my little buddy cleaned up & checked out. I hope it isn’t too sick; I think it might have a cold.

If we can, we are probably going to keep her.


What a difference a day makes! Took this little guy to the vet, got the fleas and dirt washed off him, got some antibiotics for a slight cold, but he is otherwise fine. Kneading and purring up a storm, eating a lot and being heart-crushingly adorable. 

We have named this glorious creature Nux.


A little over a month later and Nux is growing into a very long and floppy shoulder cat!

Oh my god!!!!

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things i think about a lot: snakes periscoping

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Otto Wagner: Post Office Savings Bank Building, Vienna.

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Future Library 2014 — 2114

Travel through a century of tree rings and explore authors stories about Future Library a 100year artwork
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